Meat Quality

  • Eating and technological quality

LANUPRO has expertise in assessing meat quality traits that are important for the eating quality of fresh meat (colour, tenderness, water holding capacity) and the technological quality for further processing. Research has been done in the past on genetic and peri-slaughter factors that determine these meat quality characteristics.

  • Lipid and colour stability

Methods and models are available at LANUPRO for evaluating the lipid and colour stability of fresh meat and meat products, including analyses of oxidation products and endogenous muscle enzyme activities. A particular interest is in the application of novel sources of antioxidants, both through animal feeding and by addition during meat processing.

  • Protein oxidation

Compared to lipid and colour oxidation, protein oxidation has received much less attention in meat research. LANUPRO is interested in the interaction between proteolysis and protein oxidation, and the role of antioxidants herein.


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