Fatty Acid Analysis

Our group has extensive experience in the extraction and analysis of lipids from a wide range of materials. We routinely analyze fatty acid composition by gas chromatography equipped either with a fused silica capillary column or with a stationary phase of intermediate or high polarity.

Depending on the research question, several possibilities are available for separation of fatty acid methyl esters, including a combination of temperature programs and analysis on contrasting column phases. Fatty acid composition of lipid fractions are determined with a prior separation in lipid classes (cholesteryl-esters, triacylglycerols, non-esterified fatty acids and phospholipids).

The vast majority of samples which we analyze are related to ruminant nutrition and microbial metabolism and involve analysis of feedstuffs, bacterial cultures, rumen and duodenal digesta, blood and animal products (milk and meat). In accordance with the research, particular attention is devoted to the analysis of poly-unsaturated fatty acids, branched-chain fatty acids and 18:1 isomers.

We do however also analyze samples coming from other research fields (e.g. human follicular fluid, soil). We provide reliable, high quality analytical services in lipid analysis ranging from single samples to small research projects.


Services offered by Lanupro: fatty acid (and other) analyses of feeds, body fluids and animal products


Projects relating to this technology

Fatty acid analysis in diverse animal fluids

  • Cross-species combination of cohort and intervention studies to assess common metabolic factors related to infertility