Projects relating to Ruminant nutrition research

Diagnostic milk based tests

Finished projects:

  • Monitoring of inter- and intra-cow variation in susceptibility to develop subacute ruminal acidosis (Jing Longhui)
  • Milk fatty acids as biomarkers of negative energy balance in early lactating cows (Sasitorn Jorjong)
  • Milk fatty acids as biomarkers of subacute ruminal acidosis in dairy cows (Ellen Colman)


Natural rumen by-pass technology

  • Controlled release, uptake and enhanced (bio-)availability of active ingredients in ruminant feed and fertilizers by encapsulation (Encap2Control)

Finished projects:

  • Protection of feed compounds through polyphenol-oxidase-mediated cross-linking of protein-stabilized emulsions (Nympha De Neve)
  • Protection of polyunsaturated fatty acids against ruminal biohydrogenation using polyphenol oxidase (Frederik Gadeyne)


Dairy diet formulation in the tropics

  • Cross-breed dairy in grazing systems of Western Uganda: towards improved nutritional management based on monitoring metabolic status (Pius Lutakome)
  • Towards resilient cross-breed dairy systems in Northern Ethiopia: a resource allocation assessment to determine appropriate selection targets and nutritional management (Muluken Girma)
  • Towards a Sustainable Improvement of Milk Production for Smallholder Dairy Farming Systems in Tigray Region, Northern Ethiopia (Alemayehu Tadesse Tassew)
  • Enhanced acceptance of unconventional feed resources by ruminants through nutritional intervention early in life (Einar Artiles Ortega)

Finished projects:

  • Towards improved utilization of oil palm fronds in ruminant diets (Hasliza Binti Abu Hassim)
  • Evaluation of sorghum-soybean (Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench – Glycine max (L.) Merr) silage as ruminant feed (Raciel Lima Orozco)