Short CV Stefaan De Smet

Stefaan De Smet graduated in 1986 as Agricultural Engineer at Ghent University with specialisation in Animal Production. Since 1987 he is associated with the Department of Animal Production, Ghent University, first as a PhD student and later as a research project assistant and post-doctoral scientist before becoming assistant professor.

He performed his PhD research on the role of rumen protozoa. He later moved to meat quality research with particular interest in the relationship between carcass quality and sensory and technological meat quality traits.

He is now a full professor in Animal Science at Ghent University, Belgium, responsible for teaching general and advanced courses in Animal Production, Animal Breeding and Meat Science. His current research focuses on meat quality and on the health value of meat and meat products with emphasis on optimisation of the composition and oxidative stability of meat from different species.

He is also the current president of the Belgian Association of Meat Science and Technology (BAMST).

He is (co-)author of >150 scientific publications in peer reviewed journals and regularly referees manuscripts for several journals.