ir. Emma Tronquo

Emma Tronquo specializes in remote sensing, radar backscatter modelling, bistatic SAR science and soil moisture retrieval.


Emma Tronquo

During my education in Bioscience Engineering, at Ghent University, my interest for environment and hydrology has grown over the years. Therefore, I chose a Msc. in land and water management in which the link between climate, soil and water was established. My thesis project was about linking the occurrence of droughts to ocean-atmospheric oscillations and investigating whether droughts are influenced by internal climate variability or by external anthropogenic forcings. In October 2019, I started working as a scientific researcher at the Laboratory of Hydrology and Water Management. My current research is part of the BelSAR Science project and focuses on soil moisture retrieval from simultaneous mono- and bistatic radar observations.


  • 2019–Present: PhD candidate | Laboratory of Hydrology and Water Management, Ghent University
  • 2019–Present: Postgraduate Studies in Weather and Climate Modelling | Ghent University
  • 2014–2019: MSc. In Applied Biological Sciences: Land and Water Management | Ghent University