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The vision of the Precision Soil and Crop Engineering (Precision Scoring) group is to combine cutting-edge sensors and advanced data fusion and geostatistical modelling approaches with system control technology to optimise farm input for sustainable increase in yield. Our scientists are from a variety of disciplines, including bio-engineering, mechatronic engineering, soil science, electronics and agronomy. 


Our multidisciplinary team gives us the opportunity to tackle complex research topics with the most advanced technologies available.

Research topics include:

  • Variable rate technologies and the quantification of yield limiting factors
  • Numerical finite element and discrete element modelling of the interaction between soil and agricultural equipment (e.g., tillage, mechanical weeding, traction, among others)
  • Agricultural engineering soil mechanics related topics
  • Optical (e.g. near infrared, mid Infrared, X-ray fluorescence, hyperspectral, thermal and fluorescence spectroscopy) methods and associated modelling tools for agricultural, environmental and food applications
  • Mapping of hydrocarbons and heavy metals contaminations based on proximal soil sensing


The Precision Scoring group of the Department of Environment was created in 2017 under leadership of Professor Abdul Mouazen, moving the Agricultural System Engineering Group from Cranfield University in the UK to Ghent University.

Field Work with the help of PCA/PCG Kruishoutemlab analysis George and Angelademo2Multisensor soil-sensing platform


Prof. dr. Abdul Mouazen
T +32 9 264 60 37

Department of Environment
Faculty of Bioscience Engineering
Ghent University
Coupure Links 653, Blok B, 1st Floor
B-9000 Gent

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