Laboratory for sensing technology

This includes two visible and near-infrared spectrometers (350-1700 nm and 350-2650 nm, respectively), a portable X-ray fluorescence spectrometer, a portable mid infrared spectrometer, and an electrochemical sensing system.

Robot with multi sensor-platform

This can be used to measure soil and crop characteristics. It consists of a Robotti robot platform on which a sensor box consisting of a hyperspectral camera, a thermal camera, and a CropCircle sensor is set up. It also equipped with a RTK-GPS and a penetrometer to measure soil resistance through the profile.

On-line multi-soil sensing platforms

Two platforms were built utilizing an internationally patented on-line measurement system of key soil properties (Mouazen, 2006). This platform includes a visible and near infrared sensor, a gamma ray sensor, a draft sensor, a depth sensor, an electrochemical sensor and an RTK-GPS system.


On-line multi-soil sensing platform
On-line multi-soil sensing platform