Project: Site-specific Soil and Crop Management (SiTeMan)


Technological advances in agriculture progress more rapidly than ever, driven by the increasingly complex production system that farmers are facing today, in addition to the increase in food and energy demand by the ever increasing world population. Environmental regulations, market fluctuations and a changing climate are challenging farmers to evolve towards a more technology driven, knowledgeable farm management system, which merges historical farmer knowledge and skills with modern technology and production theory under the big umbrella of digital farming.

New technologies allow farmers to manage the production chain more closely by gathering high resolution data at key points in the cycle. This information can be used to manage within-field spatial and temporal variability, by adjusting the allocation of resources to match the natural and human created variations in the field using advanced modelling and control technologies. When done properly, this approach could lead to a sustainable increase in yield and revenue for the farmer, while considerable reduction in environmental impacts is foreseen. 

Aim of the Project

The SiTeMan project aims at establishing a Precision Agriculture Centre in The Flemish part of Belgium within five years, utilizing 3.5 M EUR received in 2017 from the Flemish Scientific Research Fund (FWO). It is currently establishing the technology, infrastructure and ‘know how’ throughout the following 7 subprojects: 

  • Advanced modelling and data mining
  • Robotics and multi-sensor platforms
  • Variable rate pesticide applicationsManagement Zone MapOC map
  • Variable rate fertilization
  • Variable rate manure application
  • Variable rate seeding
  • Site specific soil management


Skilled researchers of the Precision Scoring team with science, engineering and bio-engineering backgrounds from all over the world are working together to bring Belgian agriculture into the digital era. Their multidisciplinary backgrounds are needed to make each of 5 PhD projects succeed, under the guidance of two postdocs and Pr. Mouazen. Each of the 5 PhD topic consists of a significant biological part, coupled with engineering techniques, cutting-edge sensors, data-fusion modelling and advanced control systems and robotics.


Prof. dr. Abdul Mouazen
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Department of Environment
Faculty of Bioscience Engineering
Ghent University
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