Tourism Development Yunnan

Tourism Development and Impacts Management in Mountainous Areas of Northwest Yunnan, China

Funded by: VLIR South Programme

Research associate: Yang Mingyu

Promoter: Robert De Wulf

Co-promoter: Luc Hens (VUB)

Duration: 2006-2011


Project objectives

The project's objectives were:

  1. To parametrize tourist use in the upper-Mekong region;
  2. To quantify the biophysical impacts on mountain destinations including ecological significance, local community involvement and appropriate management approaches;
  3. To provide tourism development strategies and conservation policy for the mountain tourism sector.

Two key publications

Yang, M., Van Coillie, F., Hens, L., De Wulf, R., Ou, X., Zhang, Z., “Nature Conservation Versus Scenic Quality: a GIS Approach Towards Optimized Tourist Tracks in a Protected Area of Northwest Yunnan, China.” JOURNAL OF MOUNTAIN SCIENCE 11.1 (2014): 142–155.

Yang, M., Van Coillie, F., Min L., De Wulf, R., Hens, L.,Ou, X., “A GIS Approach Towards Estimating Tourist’s Off-road Use in a Mountainous Protected Area of Northwest Yunnan, China.” MOUNTAIN RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT 34.2 (2014): 107–117.