Head of the lab

Frieke Van Coillie

Prof. dr. ir. Frieke Van Coillie

Campus Coupure, room A2.026
+32 (0)9 264 61 08
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Teaching assistant

ir. Jasper Feyen


ir. Jasper Feyen
Campus Coupure, room A2.012

Doctoral researchers

 Suci Puspita Sari

Ms. Suci Puspita Sari
Campus Coupure, room A2.010

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 Iris Moeneclaey

MSc. Iris Moeneclaey
Campus Gontrode

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Gladys Villegas

Ir. Gladys Villegas R.
Campus Coupure, room A2.012
+32 (0)9 264 61 09

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MSc. Mengxi Wang

Campus Coupure, room A2.089
+32 (0) 9 264 61 13
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 Thales de Haulleville is a researcher at REMOSA.

Thales de Haulleville

Campus Coupure, room A2.012

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 xingyan cao

MSc. Xingyan Cao

Campus Coupure, room A2.089
+32 (0) 9 264 61 13

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 Jean Aimé Ruticumugambi

Jean Aimé Ruticumugambi

Campus Coupure, room A2.012

+32 465 36 10 09

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 Luis Phillips

Luis Philips

Campus Coupure
+32 9 264 61 09

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   Lisa Landuyt

dr. ir. Lisa Landuyt

Campus Coupure

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System administrator

Rudi Hoeben

Ir. Rudi Hoeben
Campus Coupure, room A2.029
+32 (0)9 264 61 39


Inge Verbiesen
Inge Verbiese
Campus Coupure, room A2.012
+32 (0)9 264 61 11


Master students



Victor De Ripainsel

Classification of the heath landscape in Flanders using deep learning

Ewout Duhamel

Assessment of peat depth, volume, and carbon stock in two Irish bogs: a historical and current analysis

Carole Amrom

Above-ground carbon stock assessment of agroforestry systems in the Eastern Province of Rwanda

Sander Taragola

Ontwikkeling van een STEM-project voor de derde graag ASO en TSO (of doorstroom- en dubbele finaliteit): Klimaatrobuuste steden ontwerpen.


        Ellen Ghyselbrecht

        Monitoring BGF afforestation with remote sensing in Kenya

        Forceville Eva

        Monitoring BGF afforestation with remote sensing in Kenya


        Emma Dekeyser

        Monitoring forest cover dynamics in the Kratie Province in Cambodia, using SAR and optical satellite imagery

        Laurance Buyssens

       Mapping the current status of agricultural practicesand forest cover as a baseline for community land use planning in the mekong flooded forest landscape, cambodia

        Jonas-Frederik Jans

        Analysing slash-and-burn dynamics in the Congo basin over the last two decades


        Thomas Bogaerts

        Mapping flood dynamics in support of habitat conservation in Kratie, Cambodia

        Lowie Bouvijn

        Assessing ecotourism potential in the dynamic Mekong Flooded Landscape in Cambodia


        Wim De Schuyter

        Spatial habitat characterisation of hog deer (axis porcinus) along the Mekong river in the province of Kratie, Cambodia       

        Gauthier Snyers

        Spatial characterisation of endangered bird nesting habitat to support conservation in the Mekong region in Kratie, Cambodia

        Consuela Ponidjah Paloeng

        Remote sensing based mapping and status assessment of High Dryland forest in the forest belt of Suriname 

Former personnel

Dr. ir. Lisa Landuyt (Vito)
Ir. Marlies Volckaert
Dr. Ir. Frederick Nkeumoe Numbisi
Prof. dr. ir. Robert De Wulf
Dr. ir. Marie-Leen Verdonck (Antea)
Ir. Isabelle Joos (KATHO)
Ir. Toon Westra (INBO)
Ir. Soetkin Gardin (Provincie West-Vlaanderen)
Ir. Lieven Verbeke (UGent)
Dr. ir. Eva De Clercq (Sciensano)
Prof. dr. Zhang Zhiming (Yunnan University)
Prof. dr. Yang Mingyu (Yunnan University)
Dr. ir. Bambang Supriyanto (Ministry of Forestry and Environment, Indonesia)
Dr. ir. Koen Mertens (ILVO)
Dr. ir. Els Ducheyne (AviaGis)
Dr. ir. Martine Waterinckx (ANB)
Peter Haelvoet (Informatie Vlaanderen)