Research projects Soil Fertility

Research projects

NuReDrain: Nutrient (N,P) recovery from agricultural waters using filtration systems (ir. Stany Vandermoere)

SoilVeg: Improving soil conservation and resource use in organic cropping systems for vegetable production

AgroCycle: Sustainable techno-economic solutions for the agricultural value chain

Agrimax: Agri & food waste valorisation co-ops based on flexible multi-feedstocks biorefinery processing technologies for new high added value applications

Life+ project DEMETER (VLM-UGent-NMI): Sustainable and integrated soil management to reduce environmental effects

Influence of soil 3D architecture on soil organic matter stabilization as revealed by the combination of X-ray CT and biological approaches (ir. Peter Maenhout)

Contribution of below ground biomass carbon to the stable soil organic matter pool (MSc. Hui Xu)

Abiotic variables controlling N mineralization and greenhouse gas emissions from a continuously and intermittently flooded paddy soils depth profile (MSc. Masuda Akter)

Evolution of chemical soil quality in temperate forests under decreasing atmospheric deposition (ir. Arne Verstraeten)

Biochar as an amendment for sustainable soil fertility of highly weathered dry land soils on Jaffna Peninsula, Sri Lanka (MSc. Kanagaratnam Jegajeevagan)

A propeau (ir. Stany Vandermoere)

Interactions between free living nematodes, microbes and plants: effects on soil nutrient cycling and microbial properties (dr. Mesfin T. Gebremikael)

Nutrient balances, soil quality and soil productivity in organic rice and vegetable crop rotations in West and Central Java, Indonesia (MSc. Okky Amalia)

Soil carbon and nitrogen dynamics under catch crops following winter cereals (ir. Jeroen De Waele)

Bioindicators for evaluating farm management effects on soil quality in agroecosystems from Santa Clara, Cuba (MSc. Hector Hernandez Arbolaez)

Influence of organic matter on phosphate sorption in sandy soils (ir. Lisa Mabilde)

The potential of Faidherbia albida (F. albida) for improving soil quality and yield levels of maize under dry land agriculture in Zambia (MSc. Jones Yengwe)

Methane emissions from paddy rice soils under alternative irrigation management (ir. Sofie Pierreux)