Research projects Soil Fertility

Ongoing research projects

Finished research projects

  • SoilVeg: Improving soil conservation and resource use in organic cropping systems for vegetable production
  • AgroCycle: Sustainable techno-economic solutions for the agricultural value chain
  • Agrimax: Agri & food waste valorisation co-ops based on flexible multi-feedstocks biorefinery processing technologies for new high added value applications
  • Life+ project DEMETER (VLM-UGent-NMI): Sustainable and integrated soil management to reduce environmental effects
  • Influence of soil 3D architecture on soil organic matter stabilization as revealed by the combination of X-ray CT and biological approaches (ir. Peter Maenhout)
  • Contribution of below ground biomass carbon to the stable soil organic matter pool (dr. ir. Hui Xu)
  • Abiotic variables controlling N mineralization and greenhouse gas emissions from a continuously and intermittently flooded paddy soils depth profile (MSc. Masuda Akter)
  • Evolution of chemical soil quality in temperate forests under decreasing atmospheric deposition (ir. Arne Verstraeten)
  • Biochar as an amendment for sustainable soil fertility of highly weathered dry land soils on Jaffna Peninsula, Sri Lanka (MSc. Kanagaratnam Jegajeevagan)
  • Interactions between free living nematodes, microbes and plants: effects on soil nutrient cycling and microbial properties (dr. Mesfin T. Gebremikael)
  • Nutrient balances, soil quality and soil productivity in organic rice and vegetable crop rotations in West and Central Java, Indonesia (MSc. Okky Amalia)
  • Soil carbon and nitrogen dynamics under catch crops following winter cereals (ir. Jeroen De Waele)
  • Bioindicators for evaluating farm management effects on soil quality in agroecosystems from Santa Clara, Cuba (MSc. Hector Hernandez Arbolaez)
  • Influence of organic matter on phosphate sorption in sandy soils (ir. Lisa Mabilde)
  • The potential of Faidherbia albida (F. albida) for improving soil quality and yield levels of maize under dry land agriculture in Zambia (MSc. Jones Yengwe)
  • Methane emissions from paddy rice soils under alternative irrigation management (ir. Sofie Pierreux)