Interreg North Sea Region – NuReDrain

The NuReDrain project focuses on nutrient removal and recovery from agricultural discharge and drainage water. Eleven different partners from Belgium, Denmark and Germany are active in this project which started on the 1st March 2017 and will last until 30 September 2021. Our research group takes part in three work packages (WP) of NuReDrain project. WP III focused on the bench scale evaluation of P filter materials. We assisted in the establishment and fulfilment of standardized test procedures to evaluate potential P sorbing materials (PSM). PSM were characterized based on their P sorption isotherms and P sorption kinetics, where after the most interesting PSM were tested in filters built at lab scale. WP IV focused on the field scale evaluation of P filters. We have been running trials with P filters at field level during the past four years to improve the prototype design, to assess the long-term performance of filters and to check the particle size effect of filter materials. WP V focused on phosphorus recovery from the PSM and our research group assisted in performing lab trials to estimate P fertilizer value of the P saturated PSM. The small-scale field filters at the end of tile drains are proven to have potential improve water quality in Flanders after a few seasons’ trials. They will also be tested by other project partners in Denmark and Germany.