Research Group Soil Physics (SoPHy)

Welcome at the website of the research group Soil Physics SoPHy. We are one of the many research groups of the Department of Environment of Ghent University.

Our mission is to advance through research and teaching the understanding, simulation and prediction of physical and hydraulic soil characteristics and transport processes in the unsaturated (vadose) zone of the soil (using a variety of methods ranging from visual to soil- and geophysical techniques), and to apply this knowledge in studying the impacts of soil-improving cropping systems on climate-resilience, soil health and soil functions like water regulation and crop growth.

Major research topics

Research focuses primarily on optimising the water and air regime in soil under a changing climate, through

  • prevention and remediation of soil structural degradation (e.g. soil compaction and attenuation),
  • maintenance and restoration of soil quality (e.g. infiltration and water storage in the soil),
  • reduction of soil evaporation (e.g. soil cover),
  • rainwater harvesting (e.g. in situ and ex situ water harvesting),
  • sub-optimal irrigation (e.g. deficit irrigation).

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