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Mission statement

This research group is part of the department of Environment, situated at the Faculty of Bioscience Engineering at Ghent University, Belgium. UGent-Woodlab is also part of the research platforms Natural Capital and Green Chemistry.

The research group UGent-Woodlab is headed by Prof. Joris Van Acker and Prof. Jan Van den Bulcke, consists of 10 PhD students and a support technical staff of two people. UGent-Woodlab acquired over 40 years of experience in scientific and technological research on wood and maintains close contacts with all segments of the wood-processing industry and research groups involved in the forestry-wood chain.

The laboratory has elaborated its research activities in different research domains under 3 major headings:

(1) Structure

comprising activities on wood biology, wood quality, wood and tree properties, tree ring analysis both for temperate and tropical regions.

(2) Service life

dealing with biological durability, wood modification, wood preservating, coatings and service life predicting.

(3) Forest products

with a link to processing and industrial products both as materials (sawn timber, wood based panels, pulp and paper, etc) and as bioenergy.