UGent-Woodlab is involved in research activities within the framework of PhD related and project based funding. Additionally this expertise and equipment is also relevant for assessment and testing both for individuals and organisations using wood as well as industry and the forestry sector. Hence under this heading ‘services’ some major activities are outlined which on a regular basis are performed as such.

Identification of wood species

Based on physical, mechanical and mainly macroscopical and anatomical analysis (light microscope, SEM, µCT,…) wood species can be identified. This service also relies on reference material available at UGent-Woodlab and e.g. also at the wood collection of RMCA (

Analysis of decay and testing efficacy of wood preservatives

Until further notice, we do not identify decaying wood organisms (both wood rot and insect damage) or perform large scale fungal testing.

Use of all other equipment

On demand.