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Mission statement

This research group is part of the department of Environment, situated at the Faculty of Bioscience Engineering at Ghent University, Belgium. UGent-Woodlab is also part of the research platforms Natural Capital and Green Chemistry, and the UGent IOF consortia HyCT, Composites, DuraBUILDmaterials and End-Of-Waste.

We are also member of the Core Facility UGCT (UGent Centre for X-ray Tomography) of the UGent.

The research group UGent-Woodlab is headed by Prof. Joris Van AckerProf. Jan Van den Bulcke and Prof. Wannes Hubau, consists of more than 20 PhD students and postdocs and a support technical staff of two people. UGent-Woodlab acquired over 50 years of experience in scientific and technological research on wood and maintains close contacts with all segments of the wood-processing industry and research groups involved in the forestry-wood chain.

We focus on the sustainability of the forest-wood chain (see figure below) with emphasis on methodology development, to improve the management of our natural capital, and to to raise awareness in society about the importance of forests and wood.

The laboratory has elaborated its research activities in different research domains under 3 major headings:

(1) Forest growth and wood structure

Wood biology, wood quality, wood and tree properties, carbon sequestration, forest ecology, wood formation and tree ring analysis both for temperate and tropical regions.

(2) Bio-based building materials and service life

Biological durability, wood modification, wood preservation, coatings and service life prediction.

(3) Forest products innovation

Linking to processing and industrial products both as materials (sawn timber, wood-based panels, etc) and as a source of energy.

Forest-wood chain

Fig.1 Research fields along the forest-wood chain an at UGent-Woodlab