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Kris Audenaert Plant pathology, mycology, mycotoxins, phytotoxins B
Benny De Cauwer Crop husbandry, weed science, integrated weed management A
Patrick De Clercq Entomology, acarology, biological and integrated control of crop pests A
Eduardo de la Pena Tropical crop production A
Kristof De Schutter Molecular entomology
Emmy Dhooghe Horticulture A
Danny Geelen Plant research: in vitro biotechnology, breeding, propagation, sexual reproduction, space applications, hydroponics, biostimulants and biopesticides A
Geert Haesaert Crop production, plant breeding and crop protection, toxigenic fungi and mycotoxins B
Monica Höfte Plant pathology, molecular plant-pathogen interactions, biological and integrated control of plant diseases A
Wouter Maes Precision agriculture, UAV research, remote sensing, data processing A
Steven Maenhout Predictive breeding A
Ivan Meeus Ecological entomology
Jan Pieters Thermic processes, heat and mass transfer, energy, agricultural engineering A
Guy Smagghe Entomology, agricultural plant protection
Pieter Spanoghe Formulation, application and analysis of pesticides, (side) effects of pesticides, exposure assessment of man and environment A
Kathy Steppe Eco-physiology, plant-water relations, carbon metabolism and respiration, plant monitoring and stress detection with plant sensors, plant modelling, development of plant-based control strategies, effects of climate change on the physiology of plants, trees and ecosystems A
Luc Tirry Agrozoology, entomology, acarology, insecticide resistance, integrated pest control of animal-noxious agents A
Thomas Van Leeuwen  Molecular acarology and genomics, insecticide resistance, molecular mite-plant interactions, new insecticide target-sites A
Inge Verstraeten Plant biochemistry
Stefaan Werbrouck Horticulture, in vitro culture of plants (especially trees), in vitro breeding of plants B



Location "A": Campus Coupure (main address)

Building A / Building B
Ghent University
Department of Plants and Crops
Coupure links 653
B-9000 Gent

Phone: 09 264 61 42

Location "B": Campus Schoonmeersen

Building C

Ghent University

Department of Plants and Crops

Voskenslaan 270

B-9000 Gent