About us

Ghent University has a long-standing tradition of cooperation with universities in Latin America.  Whenever possible, Ghent University seizes the opportunity to intensify ongoing collaboration activities and to explore new possibilities for cooperation. As a result, the CESAM (Central and South America) Platform has been established in January 2016. As one of the six regional platforms, CESAM will contribute to the internationalisation strategy of Ghent University.


  • supporting the development of new initiatives in mobility and new forms of cooperation
  • matching the academic and administrative expertise with external know-how
  • promoting the expertise and activities of Ghent University towards Latin America
  • striving for impact in the region and on the external policy towards this region


Daily management

Academic Chair: Prof. Peter Goethals (Bioscience Engineering)
Coordinator: Mrs. Barbara Claeys (Ghent University Internationalisation)
Vice-coordinator: Mrs. Nancy Terryn (Research Coordination)

Steering Committee

Academic Chair + coordinator +  faculty representatives

Faculty members

All 11 faculties of Ghent University have committed to actively support the platform and assigned a representative to join the Steering Committee:

Prof. Ilse Logie (Faculty of Arts and Philosophy)
Prof. Yves Haeck (Faculty of Law and Criminology)
Prof. Marleen De Troch (Faculty of Sciences)
Prof. Stefaan De Henauw (Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences)
Prof. Sidharta Gautama (Faculty of Engineering and Architecture)
Prof. Fredrik Gailly (Faculty of Economics and Business Administration)
Prof. Frank Pasmans (Faculty of Veterinary Medicine)
Prof. Tammy Schellens (Faculty of Psychology & Educational Sciences)
Prof. Stijn Speelman (Faculty of Bioscience Engineering)
Prof. Bart De Spiegeleer (Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences)
Prof. Daniel Biltereyst (Faculty of Political and Social Sciences)


Mrs. Barbara Claeys
International Relations Office
Ghent University - CESAM Platform
Korte Meer 9, 9000 Gent, Belgium