21-09-2018 The CESAM Platform – Latin American student event 2018
14-09-2018 PrInt programme Brazil: Ghent University partner in 6 selected projects
12-09-2018 Call for applications – grants for visiting staff from Latin America
20-08-2018 Scholarships to study in Mexico
06-07-2018 Young Researchers’ Overseas Day
29-06-2018 CESAM Platform present at the Global Minds Event on 27 June 2018
27-06-2018 Call to join the ENRICH Community in Brazil
27-06-2018 SGroup - Think tank for China and Latin America meeting
26-06-2018 Meeting ambassador of Argentina
01-06-2018 Visit delegation ESPOL: 17-18 May 2018
16-05-2018 Mexico event: Building bridges between México and UGent
16-05-2018 Visit of the ambassador of Colombia, Jaramillo Caro
16-05-2018 Involvement UGent within the new Print Programme
25-04-2018 Fomentando la relación con universidades belgas!
24-04-2018 Ghent University participated at the Faubai Conference, Brazil
20-02-2018 Grants to study in Colombia - ICETEX
08-02-2018 ICON Programme – SGroup: Fellowhsip to visit Brazilian partner university
23-01-2018 Launch of a new network with focus on Latin America: ENCUENTRO
09-01-2018 Newsletter ENRICH, one of the European Network of Research and Innovation Centres & Hubs in Brazil
09-01-2018 Climate Change science in Galapagos and the Tropical Eastern Pacific
01-12-2017 New research opportunities with Brazil
22-11-2017 Call for applications - grants for visiting staff from Latin America
21-11-2017 Meeting ambassador Bolivia 06/11/2017