African Migration Pressures: Root Causes and Cooperative Policy Responses

Description: As an important force of development in both sending and destination regions, migration forms a top-priority issue in the global policy debate. In order to assess the impact of future migrant flows and to develop appropriate policies to manage them, knowledge of their size, composition and distribution is crucial. The project will provide a deeper understanding of the root causes of migration with a specific focus on the role of financial incentives and constraints. In particular, we will focus on Central, Eastern and Western Africa and analyze people’s capacity to respond to economic, climatic and political shocks by migrating either internally or internationally. Based on the expected allocation of future migrants across destinations delivered by the first objective, we will then disentangle for which countries new international arrangements on migration are the most pressing and which type of agreement or partnership (intra- or interregional) is most suited for which countries.
Promoter(s): Ilse Ruyssen
Researcher(s): Sara Salomone
Department / Research group:Department of Economics 
Faculty: Faculty of Economics and Business Administration