Description: CUREDI is an interdisciplinary research project, coordinated by the Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology in Halle, Germany. CUREDI is a digital repository of cases - with a focus on case law analysis - that have to do with cultural and religious diversity and that show if, how, and to what extent diversity is granted legal recognition within the domestic legal systems of member states of the EU, UK, and Switzerland. CUREDI works with a network of scientific research teams that have demonstrated interest and expertise in the topics covered in the project. Once the repository is sufficiently developed, the database will be made publicly accessible (in English) online. Jinske Verhellen is member of the coordination team and editorial board of CUREDI. Yasmina El Kaddouri (2018-2020), Frederik Welvaert (2019-2020) and Sarah Den Haese (2021) worked on this project.
Website research project:
Promoter(s): Jinske Verhellen
Researcher(s): Jinske Verhellen
Faculty / Faculties: Faculty of Law and Criminology
Period of time: 2018 - 2024