Equity and vulnerable populuations in primary health care

Description: One of the determinants of inequity in health within society, is the differential access to care and treatment of the patient within the health care system. This doctoral thesis focusses on vulnerable populations, their access to care, their experience of the care process and its outcomes. Following themes are dealt with: Do patients experience discrimination and are their certain groups that feel more discriminated? How do ethnic minorities score on indicators of access to care, the quality of the care process and their outcomes? Do patients with a specific disease burden receive appropriate care? How is the situation for particular vulnerable groups? These questions are answered by both quantitative and qualitative data. We made use of QUALICOPC-database (Quality and Costs of Primary Care in Europe). Also, new data was collected through in-depth interviews with Roma and questionnaires for detainees.
Promoter(s): Sara Willems, Ignaas Devisch
Researcher(s): Lise Hanssens
Department / Research group: Family Medicine and Primary Health Care
Faculty: Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences