Language, care and protection: A sociolinguistic ethnography of the multilingual needs and challenges in the care trajectory of unaccompanied minors

Description: The project proposes a sociolinguistic ethnography of the multilingual needs and challenges of unaccompanied minor applicants for international protection (UAM) in relation to their right to advice, guidance and care. The central hypothesis is that their complex vulnerable positions upon arrival in the host society are exacerbated by linguistic vulnerabilities and insecurities. The project aims to examine the impact of language and multilingualism on the care trajectory, with a specific focus on the relationship of trust between legal guardians and UAM, with the objective of improving the quality of care. Drawing on qualitative and participatory research methods, the project envisages a combination of new fundamental insights in the impact of multilingualism and interpreting on the mediation of disclosure of personal information, building of trust and offering comfort in the relation between guardians and their UAM.
Promoter(s): Katrijn Maryns
Researcher(s): Lotte Remue
Faculty / Faculties: Faculty of Arts and Philosophy
Period of time: 2022 - 2026