Translating the return migration regime in Europe and The Gambia

Description: This research project deals with the translation of the return migration regime in Europe in The Gambia. It first assesses the discursive underpinnings of such regime, by addressing particularly the legitimisation of the policy objective of sustainable reintegration. It then explores the various configurations of assisted return and reintegration in selected European states. Furthermore, it studies the incorporation of different non-state actors and particularly locally owned CSOs in the externalisation of EUrope's border to The Gambia. It also looks at the ambivalent involvement of returnees in the communication practices of international organisations as well as the practices and discourses of self-organised returnee groups.
Promoter(s): Ine Lietaert , Joris Schapendonk
Researcher(s): Rossella Marino
Faculty / Faculties: Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences
Period of time: 2019 - 2023