About the consortium

Structure and background

The research consortium Crime, Criminology and Criminal Policy (CCCP) is one of the five research consortia in the SSH-area (humanities, social and behavioral sciences) at Ghent University. 

Members of the consortium are prof. dr. Tom Vander Beken (main supervisor), prof. dr. Gert Vermeulen, prof. dr.  Freya Vander Laenen, prof. dr. Lieven Pauwels, prof. dr. Marc Cools, prof. dr. Jelle Janssens, prof. dr. Wendy De Bondt, prof. dr. Wim Hardyns, prof. dr. Antoinette Verhage, prof. dr. Stijn Vandevelde, prof. dr. Wouter Vanderplasschen, prof. dr. Kurt Audenaert, prof. dr. Eva Lievens, prof. dr. Ellen Desmet en prof. dr. Sven Biscop.

Overall, the consortium contains members from the Departments of

  1. Criminology, Criminal Law and Social Law,
  2. Special Needs Education,
  3. Psychiatry and Medical Psychology,
  4. Interdisciplinary Study of Law, Private Law and Business Law,
  5. European, Public and International Law and
  6. Political Science

Day-to-day management of the consortium is in the hands of the research coordinator, dr. Noel Klima.

Work packages

The consortium CCCP aims to improve both its research input and output and has therefore established four main goals. These are further specified in four work packages.

  1. Obtaining research funding for larger projects that involve several researchers, including postdocs (WP1)
  2. Setting up structures for data management ensuring sound and appropriate archiving on the one hand and maximal exploitation and re-use of data on the other (WP2)
  3. Fostering the existing research lines by detecting synergies between CCCP's partners, both in relation to research domains, methodological expertise and funding resources (WP3)
  4. Valorisation initiatives to expand the impact of our research (WP4)