Cropfit Services Core Facility established at Ghent University

(07-07-2023) Ghent University has a new core facility that offers innovative bioassays to develop sustainable crop protection products.

The Cropfit Services Core Facility mission is to provide a comprehensive set of well-established and newly developed innovative bioassays to develop biostimulant and crop protection products. The Core Facility supports internal and external partners in academia and industry who seek assistance in developing sustainable crop protection products, fertilizers and biostimulants. We implement the regulatory policy framework within the European Green Deal that aims to develop crop protection products with greater potential for sustainability. This program includes the 2022 legislation regulating trade and the registration of compounds with biostimulant properties.

Cropfit Services unites 6 UGent research groups with complementary expertise, including biostimulants, nematology, entomology, phytopathology, and in vitro plant biotechnology. We consolidate state-of-the-art infrastructure and instruments, such as a high-throughput screening multispectral camera, hyperspectral drone cameras, (chemical) spray towers, minirhizotrons, climate chambers and greenhouses to support all scales of experiments, from table-top to large field trials under realistic conditions.

Our experts have an extensive experience in experimental design, data collection, analysis, management, and visualisation. We handle every aspect of your product evaluation, providing a strong data portfolio for successful product registration.

Dr Sabina Bajda, Core Facility Manager, invites all interested in Cropfit services to reach out via e-mail: