CropFit Services

CropFit Services is a Ghent University core facility providing plant bioassays to industrial and academic partners. Utilizing state-of-the-art infrastructure, CropFit Services supports every aspect of product development and helps elucidate biostimulants and biopesticides' mode of action. We support all scales of experiments, from in vitro through the greenhouse to large field trials.

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What we offer

Plant Growth Promotion

  • Focus: Assessing a broad array of plant characteristics to investigate the validity of various biostimulation claims and fertiliser properties.
  • Assessment Tools: Advanced equipment like multispectral cameras and high-throughput phenotyping systems.
  • Trial Scope: Ranging from in vitro to greenhouse and field studies.

Insecticide and Acaricide activity

  • Focus: Validating effectiveness and mode of action of (bio)pesticides against insects and mites.
  • Additional Services: Including selectivity tests on biological control agents (BCA).
  • Target Species: Tests performed on a variety of agriculturally significant pests.

Fungicidal and Bactericidal activity

  • Focus: Validating the effectiveness and mode of action of (bio)pesticides against fungi, bacteria and oomycetes.
  • Collections: Pathogens from temperate subtropical and tropical climates.
  • Assessment tools: Utilizing multispectral and hyperspectral cameras for efficiency tests on significant crops.

Nematicide activity and ISR

  • Focus: Assessing direct effects of bionematicides and induced systemic resistance (ISR).
  • Target Pests: Besides root-knot nematodes, ISR is tested in various insects, mites, and phytopathogens.
  • Crop Range: Covering various important broadacre and vegetable crops.

Herbicidal Activity

  • Phytotoxicity Validation: Using advanced tools to assess (bio)herbicides effectiveness and selectivity.
  • Experimental Scale: Extensive testing in greenhouse and field settings.
  • Crop Variety: Suitable for various broadacre and vegetable crops.

Field Trials

  • Service Range: Evaluating the efficiency of (bio)pesticides, biostimulants, and (bio)herbicides.
  • Crop Focus: Covering various important broadacre and vegetable crops
  • Advanced equipment: A fully serviced 40-hectare research station equipped with GPS-enabled machinery, rhizotrons, drones fitted with multispectral cameras, etc.

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Professor Kris Audenaert- Scientific director

(bio)fungicides, (bio)bactericides, phenotyping platform, multispectral cameras, biostimulants, (bio)fungicide mode of action, (bio)fungicide efficiency, high-throughput phenotyping, greenhouse trials

Professor Stefaan Werbrouck

biostimulants, phytotoxicity, plant micropropagation, plant regeneration

Professor Thomas Van Leeuwen

spider mites, insects, insecticide mode of action, insecticide efficiency, ISR, insecticide selectivity, acaricide

Professor Monica Höfte

(bio)fungicides, (bio)bactericides, fungal strain collection, (bio)fungicide efficiency

Professor Tina Kyndt

(bio)nematicides, ISR, nematicide efficiency, crop mutant collections

Professor Geert Haesaert

(bio)herbicides, (bio)pesticides, biostimulants, (bio)fungicides, pesticide efficiency, field trials, greenhouse trials, artificial infection


Dr. Sabina Bajda-Wybouw
Core Facility Manager
T +32 479 96 22 74

Coupure links 653, Building A
9000 Gent, Belgium