Synergistic Partnership: CropFit Services and ARCHE Consulting Join Forces Strengthening Biostimulant Solutions in the European Market

(14-12-2023) In October, CropFit and ARCHE Consulting partnered to enhance Europe's biostimulant market through knowledge exchange and collaborative efforts.

In October this year, CropFit Services Core Facility joined hands with ARCHE Consulting to strengthen our position in the European biostimulant market through enhanced knowledge sharing and collaboration.


At CropFit Services, we aid partners in academia and industry in developing sustainable crop protection products, (bio)fertilizers, and biostimulants using innovative plant bioassays. We bring together UGent research groups specialised in plant growth promotion and abiotic (salt, heat, drought, and light) stress but also nematology, entomology, and phytopathology. Notably, UGent biostimulant assays adhere to the CEN 455 standards, highlighting our commitment to maintaining conformity in our testing procedures.


Our experts offer comprehensive support for experiments of all sizes, from high-throughput in vitro to large-field trials, conducted under realistic conditions. With extensive experience in experimental design, data collection, analysis, management, and visualisation, our team ensures a strong data portfolio for successful product development and registration.


ARCHE Consulting is renowned for its expertise in environmental, health, and safety consulting. They excel in providing holistic solutions that help businesses navigate complex regulatory frameworks, mitigate risks, and adopt sustainable practices across various industries, enhancing their environmental and safety performance.


Thanks to the preferential partnership, biostimulant companies affiliated with ARCHE will have the opportunity to take full advantage of UGent bioassays for completing their registration dossier. Sabina Bajda, CropFit Services manager, says: “Now, combining our passion and expertise, we're equipped to support our industrial partners throughout the entire product development journey from CEN compliant bioassays until succesful registration”.


This partnership solidifies UGent's leading role in the evolving agricultural sector, actively advancing the goals set forth by the European Farm to Fork initiative”.