Plasma-assisted surface treatment for biomedical applications

  • Surface activation of biopolymers and other biomaterials
  • Deposition of biological active coatings on biomaterials
  • Biomaterial cleaning via plasma
  • Plasma treatment of porous scaffolds


Figure: Enhanced cell attachment to helium plasma-treated PCL-films

[24h growth of Human Dermal Microvascular Endothelial Cells (HDMEC)]

The research group acts as a pioneer on the field of biomaterial treatment with non-thermal plasmas. Recent research topics include plasma treatment of biodegradable polymers, plasma cleaning of metallic surfaces used for implants, plasma treatment of porous scaffolds, cell enhancement by plasma treatment.
This part of the research is partly financed by an ERC Starting Grant (n°279022): PLASMAPOR obtained by Prof. dr. Rino Morent. This project focuses on the plasma penetration into porous materials for biomedical, textile and filtration applications.

Prof. dr. Rino Morent
Dr. ir. Nathalie De Geyter