Career perspectives

As a biomedical engineer, you are versatile, internationally oriented, multidisciplinary (by definition) and therefore employable in many different positions: 

  • R&D in industry
  • PhD-student (university, research institution, industry)
  • Engineer or Medical Physicist in a hospital
  • “Regulatory Affairs Manager” in medical industry
  • Government/public health
  • Consultancy
  • Notified bodies, Regulatory Affairs Managers,
  • Health Insurance
  • Any job requiring the analytical and organisational engineering skills (general consultancy jobs, top functions in administration, banking sector, ...)

snapshot of where some of our latest graduates are working:

  • Mattias: Product solution engineer CT & SYNGO at Siemens Healthcare
  • Celine: PhD student at CMST (Centre for Microsystems Technology)
  • Benjamin: R&D future leaders programme associate at GlaxoSmithKline
  • Maarten: doing an internship in UZ Gent to obtain a recognition for Medical Physicist
  • Vincent: Production supervisor at Pfizer
  • Simon: Master in General Management at Vlerick Business School
  • Tessa: PhD in neuroscience at QBI (Queensland Brain Institute, Australia)
  • Denise: Engineer at P&G
  • Geert: Junior consultant at Alten Belgium, currently Project Engineer for Pfizer
  • Joris: Medical Application Engineer at Materialise / Mobelife
  • Arnout: First Line Manager at Volvo Group Belgium
  • Jantina: Customer Service Specialist for Crystallization Systems at Technobis
  • William: Technical consultant for cardiac heart rhythm management at Medtronic