Tom Goosse


Tom Goosse holds a Master of Science in Geography at the VUBrussel (2012) and specialised in the integration of geo-physical knowledge in spatial planning for the implementation of climate adaptation measures. He works at the Centre for Mobility and Spatial Planning (AMRP) since February 2018. His research interests and expertise have developed since then towards new forms of participatory planning practices for a higher multi-actors’ involvement and for answering issues of social injustice.

Tom has started in October 2022 a joint PhD. between the Faculty of Spatial Science of the University of Groningen and the AMRP of the Ghent University. His PhD. research explores the potential of citizen science in spatial planning practices for raising awareness and understanding of climate change measures, improve policy design and coherence, and enhance citizen’s engagement and trust in public decision-making processes. The research investigates also how citizen science could lead to the definition of a new role for citizens that moves beyond the commonplace participatory engagement with climate change policies.