Master program in Urbanism and Spatial Planning


Urban and Spatial Planning has to address major future spatial challenges. In order to keep our planet and region liveable, there is a need for fundamental new approaches with respect to climate change, energy transition, smart mobility, co-housing, circular economy, urban regeneration, smart agriculture etc. This requires integrated planning and design solutions to be achieved through complex transition management. This is not only a task for the public sector, but also for businesses and citizens in mutual co-evolution and triple-helix settings. At the same time, borders need to be crossed, not only in the territorial and administrative sense, but also the borders between disciplines.

Why Ghent University

With regard to these subjects, the staff of the Master of Urban Planning and Spatial Planning (MaSRP) perform ground-breaking research, which they link with practical applications and new design methods. Specific for this master is that it starts from an in depth analysis of the role of main stake-and shareholders in order to formulate effective solutions for the above mentioned challenges. This method is highlighted in two studios, where the student work is developed in direct contact with stakeholders. Students are introduced in the latest state-of-the-art insights of actor-oriented approaches. Context wise, students are exposed to the the specific conditions of the Flemish ‘horizontal metropolis’, but also to the urbanizing landscapes of regions across Europe.


The program of MaSRP consists of both Dutch (in the basic first year) and English courses (in the in-depth second year). Next to the technical and general courses, the advanced topics and the electives make it possible for students to study in the fields of regional planning and urban design in accordance with their personal preference. The Erasmus exchange and the annual research trip provide an international orientation. In addition, both research, design and management skills of complex projects are main items in the final master's thesis. The MaSRP offers an excellent springboard for a career in a variety of professional and/or academic directions.