The Laboratory Geotechnics at Ghent University (formerly Laboratory of Soil Mechanics) has been founded in co-operation with the Belgian Ministry of Public Works after World War II. Today it is a renowned research lab on theoretical, experimental and applied soil mechanics, dealing at the same time with major educational tasks.

Starting up more than half a century ago on research topics closely linked to daily geotechnical problems such as slope stability, shallow and deep foundations, this research group has extended its interest fields towards basic soil parameter experimental research, calibration chamber testing, soil dynamics with related geophysical testing and very profoundly to environmental geotechnics.

Besides of the staff members, foreign researchers in groups of great diversity are integrated in the Geotechnics Department, consequently contributing to the world wide opening up of our research interests and quality levels. The permanent close contacts and the cooperation of the Laboratory of Geotechnics with many of the ISSMGE activities, as well the frequently organized activities (lectures of foreign guests, symposia, workshops), established a lasting exchange tradition for visiting colleagues in a group of at least 40 universities all over the world.