PHD topics

Recent PHD

  • Hamzeh Ahmadi (2020): Geosynthetic-reinforced soil retaining walls subjected to surcharge loads

  • Kristine Vandenboer (2019): A study on the mechanisms of backward erosion piping. Summery (PDF, 1,7KB, 3p.)
  • Ehsan Izadi (2019): An investigation into the possibilities of using physics engines in geotechnical engineering problems. Abstract (PDF, 33KB, 2p.)

  • Tao Xu (2018): Infiltration and excess pore water pressures in front of a TBM. Abstract (PDF, 446 KB, 4p)

  • Huu Ha Giang Pham (2018): Effects of particle characteristics on the behavior of calcareous sand. Summery (PDF, 227KB, 4p)

  • Hao Shen (2017): Use and interpretation of an instrumented dilatometer test. Summery (PDF, 53KB, 3p)

  • Michela De Camillis (2017): Experimental and numerical study of wet and dry cycles on an innovative polymer treated clay of geosynthetic clay liners. Abstract (PDF, 141KB, 3p)

  • Tiago Gerheim Souza Dias (2017): Pile Tunnel Interaction. Summery (PDF, 85KB, 2p)

  • Ramiro Daniel Verastegui Flores (2008): Stress-strain behaviour of very soft soil under treatment with binders. Summery (PDF, 489KB, 3p)

  • Lou Areias (2008): A study of the SCPT test. Abstract (PDF, 228KB, 4p)

  • Christian Karg (2007): Modelling of strain accumulation due to low level vibrations in granular soils. Abstract (PDF, 139KB, 3p)

  • Keeratikan Piriyakul (2006): Anisotropic stress-strain behaviour of Belgian Boom clay in the small-strain region. Abstract (PDF, 63KB, 3p)

  • Karl Lutz (2005): Dynamic soil properties out of SCPT and bender element tests with emphasis on material damping. Introduction (PDF, 400KB, 3p)

  • Peter Van Impe (2003): Consolidation, contaminant transport and chemico-osmotic effects in liner materials. Introduction (PDF, 294KB, 2p)

PHD from professors linked to research unit

  • Adam Bezuijen (2010): Compensation grouting : experiments, field experiences and mechanics. Summery (PDF, 55KB, 3p)
  • Gemmina Di Emidio (2010): Hydraulic and chemico-osmotic performance of polymer treated clays. Abstract (PDF, 21KB, 3p)
  • Herman Peiffer (1997): Interpretation and adaption of the DMT-test, extended towards the evaluation of the stress state in the soil close to screw piles
  • Wim Haegeman (1996): Spectral analysis of surface waves for the characterization of dynamic stiffness of layered media. Abstract (PDF, 201KB, 1p)
  • William Van Impe (1981): Stress – strain considerations of silica-Molsand in cyclic loading conditions