Prof. dr. ir. M. Roustaei 

Research interests:

Academic staff

Prof. ir. B. Stuyts (Academic bibliography)

Research interests:

  • offshore foundations and geotechnics
  • cables and pipelines
  • data-driven design methods

Em. prof. dr. ir. W. Van Impe (Academic bibliography)

Research interests:

  • foundation engineering
  • in-situ and laboratory soil characterization
  • ground improvement


Em. prof. dr. ir. A. Bezuijen (Academic bibliography)

Research interests:

  • ground improvement
  • foundation engineering
  • in-situ and laboratory soil characterization

Prof. dr. ir. W. Haegeman (Academic bibliography)

Research interests:

  • behaviour of soils at small-strain levels
  • geophysical methods
  • static and dynamic properties of geomaterials


Prof. dr. ir. H. Peiffer (Academic bibliography)

Research interests:

  • flow through (un)saturated porous media and grondwater flow
  • centrifuge modelling for (un)saturated soils (patent owner)
  • in situ soil testing
  • foundation engineering


Prof. dr. ir. G. Di Emidio (Academic bibliography)

Research interests:

  • environmental geotechnics
  • reuse of industrial by-products
  • barrier systems
  • development of new materials (HYPER clay inventor)


Administrative and technical staff

H. De Cooman


J. Van der Perre 


F. Van Boxstael


PHD Students

Muhammad Khizar Khan (Academic bibliography)

Research topic: Water retention curves of polymer-modified clay (HYPER clay) and waste polymer reuse.

Chenhui Liu (Academic bibliography)

Research topic: Tunnel-pile interaction

Chenghao Zhang (Academic bibliography)

Research topic: Slurry infiltration characteristics under various conditions.

Zhongtian Chen (Academic bibliography)

Research topic: Soil conditioning in TBM excavation

Wenjing Tian (Academic bibliography)

Research topic: Slope stability caused by rainfall infiltration

Ahsan Rehman Khan (Academic bibliography)

Research topic: Geosynthetics in Reinforced fill structure

Waqas Akhtar (Academic bibliography)

Research topic: Impact of Soil Water Retention Curve of Unsaturated Soils on the Corrosion of Metal/Alloys

Yue Sun (Academic bibliography)

Research topic: Statistical Variability Analysis of Cyclic DSS Tests under Various Loading Conditions

Anis Kheffache (Academic bibliography)

Research topic: Investigation of laterally loaded monopiles using 3D -FE modeling and monitoring data

Post-Doc researcher

Carlos Sastre Jurado (Academic bibliography)

Research topic: Integrated "digital twin" model of the offshore wind turbine