Facilities and equipment

The Hydraulics Laboratory has the following facilities, measurement instruments and numerical tools available:

Experimental facilities

  • Maximum pump capacity: 500l /s or 400l/s (Closed circuits) with head = 5 - 6 mWC
  • Test flumes in laboratory halls (straight flumes, river bend flume, open channel confluence flume, navigation lock model, ...)
  • Calibration (towing) flume (1.00 x 1.50 m² x 44 m)
  • Calibration tanks and vessels (sediment concentration)
  • Educational demonstration models
  • Versatile facilities for model testing (contract research)

 Flume Optical technique

Measurement equipment

  • Propeller current meters, pitot tubes, waterlevel recorders, electromagnetic and ultrasonic velocity meters
  • Piezometers, manometers, rotameters, ...
  • Volumetric, ultrasonic and electromagnetic discharge meters
  • Acoustic Doppler Velocimeters
  • Optical techniques for velocity measurements: surface PIV and PTV
  • Optical techniques for water surface tracking
  • Sieve Analysis of sediments, dry installation,
  • Sediment transport registration instruments
  • Many of these instruments are available for field studies as well

Numerical Tools

  • Idealized models for long term bed evolution
  • 1D and 2D conceptual models for open channel confluences
  • River routing models
  • Large-Eddy Simulations (experience in OpenFOAM and Ansys Fluent)
  • Techniques for modal decomposition of large datasets


  • Workshop facilities
  • Extensive technical library (books, journals, theses, reports,...)