Soete Laboratory




Welcome to the website of Soete Laboratory. We are a subdivision of the Department of EEMMECS under the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture of Ghent University and an important scientific player in fracture mechanics and tribology and are active in both experimental and numerical research on fatigue, fracture, friction, wear, reliability and durability of machine parts and mechanical constructions.

 In accordance with the university assignment, Soete Laboratory provides education in civil engineering and industrial engineering at Ghent University, and is responsible for a large number of courses related to mechanical construction, machine construction and production techniques. 

 In addition to education and fundamental research, special attention is also paid to industrial applications. In this way Soete Laboratory acquired an international reputation with its research on test samples with large-scale dimensions. The laboratory is active in a wide range of industrial sectors such as metal constructions, machine building, offshore structures, oil and gas, agriculture, etc. In these sectors we offer various services, including design and engineering, innovation, numerical simulations and large-scale testing.

 Soete Laboratory has research partners and is closely linked to the IOF METALS consortium.


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