Analytical modeling of electrical machines

The development of extremely fast and highly accurate modelling tools allows for an improved electromagnetic design of electric machines.

Two trends dominate the design of modern electric machines; a commitment to higher energy-efficiencies on the one hand and a tendency towards more dedicated drives on the other. As a result, the importance of rigorous optimizations during the design process of electric machines is at an all-time high. This, in turn, has sparked the interest in modeling tools that combine accuracy and a low computational time. The latter is especially important during the earliest phases of the machine's design, when the design space is still very large.

At EELAB, the research on analytical models for electric machines focusses on the reduction of the computational time and the improvement of the models’ accuracy. The computational time is reduced by improving the existing modeling techniques based on preliminary studies of the machines harmonic content. In order to improve the models’ accuracy, aspects such as eddy-current reaction field and voltage sources are accounted for.

High Speed Field