Design of Electrical Machines for Sustainable Energy Applications

The research investigates the design aspects of electric machines for sustainable energy applications. The main goal of this research is to obtain a high performance electric machine for the intended industrial application; high performance includes high power density (kW/kg), high power per current (kW/amp), high power factor and low torque ripples. The study about the electric machine covers several innovative research ideas in several topics such in magnetic steel material, winding topology, less rare-earth magnets and efficient control technique.

Recent research projects are being done on synchronous reluctance machines, switched reluctance machines and permanent magnet machines.

In the research, finite element method is used to do the analysis on the electric machine based on custom-made models using FEMM coupled to Matlab and also commercial softwares such as Ansys Maxwell.

Besides, analytical models using Matlab are also employed.

Experimental test benches are available at the lab including more advanced devices e.g. dSpace controller board and power analyzer.