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Optimization of electromechanical drivetrains

We can help if you need to test and optimize a frequency driven, electromechanical drivetrain. For this, an extensive set of test rigs and high precision measurement equipment is at our disposal. Together with many years of experience in this topic, we can provide you with an energy efficient drivetrain.

Please find below some of our available test rigs. Of course, we can assist in building a specific test rig at your facility as well.

You can contact for more information. 


Testing of electric motors and drives

Testbank 22kW, 12000RPM

Different test benches for testing electric motors up to 22 kW, 30-15.000 RPM and 150kW, 30-6000RPM are available . Both Direct on Line (DOL) and converter fed are possible. High end measuring equipment is used to capture ingoing electric power and mechanical output power. Measuring efficiency in a complete working range of torque and speed is fully automated.

Testing of gearboxes and gear motors


Testing helical and bevel gearboxes up to 15 kW (max. output torque = 1000 Nm) is possible on this test rig. This is done by mechanical input and output power. In case of a gear motor, the ingoing electric power is measured. A new test rig is currently being constructed up to 150kW, 40kNM and will be active in spring 2016.

Testing of belt drives


This unique test rig handles all sorts of industrial belt drives (SPA, XPA, synchronous belts, …). Power goes up to 15 kW and torque is limited to 100 Nm.


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