AID-RES – Advancing Industrial Decarbonisation by assessing the future use of Renewable EnergieS in industrial processes

In recent years many studies have been published aiming to gain a better understanding of potential pathways towards carbon neutrality of various end-use sectors in general and Energy Intensive Industries in particular. But previous studies have to a large extent focused on carbon-neutrality pathways for individual sectors in isolation, based on generic processes assumptions. At the same time the successful transformation of Energy Intensive Industries will play a pivotal role if the EU Green Deal strategy will prove successful, from an environmental and economic point of view. 


This study will provide the next level of necessary data to develop a sharper picture of potential pathways for industries at their respective sites and in their respective industrial clusters in Europe. The team will extend on an approach developed within the H2020 EPOS project with focus on cross-sectorial industrial symbiosis. The results of the state-of-the-art process and industry cluster models will be mapped in a geo-references database (GIS) on NUTS 3 level. The model results and developed geo-database will generate a systemic view of European industrial energy and feedstock demand in 2030 and 2050 and outline the related potential for renewable integration in the respective European regions.

UGent role

The ECM research group leads the task on the qualitative and quantitative assessment of the potential for (1) secondary industrial production substituting primary industrial production (e.g. recycled metals) and (2) for industries to provide surplus resources to other sectors for energy purposes. Using the circular economy approach, the aim is to identify, assess and integrate industrial symbiosis schemes impacting the renewable energy demand in Europe for the selected sectors.


The AID-RES consortium is coordinated by VITO/EnergyVille with partners from UGent, EPFL, Wuppertal Institute, VUBrussel, Dechema and Kresko Energy.


prof. dr. ir. Greet Van Eetvelde
Francisco Mendez (doctoral researcher)