Air jet weaving

We develop techniques and models to simulate the interaction of thin and flexible yarns with the locally supersonic flow in air jet looms.

The yarn geometry has been scanned using micro-CT, such that the individual fibers are included (sample length 2.25mm). Axial flow along the yarn is simulated with a steady state calculation (inlet velocity 175 m/s). Different cross sections are shown in an animation.

Launch of a flexible yarn by the supersonic flow in the main nozzle of an air jet loom, using overset meshes.

Published in L. Delcour, J. Peeters, and J. Degroote. Three-dimensional fluid-structure interaction simulations of a yarn subjected to the main nozzle flow of an air-jet weaving loom using a Chimera technique. Textile Research Journal, 90(2):194–212, 2020. doi: 10.1177/0040517519862884.

Large eddy simulation of the supersonic flow coming out of the nozzle or an air jet loom.

Published in L. Delcour, L. Van Langenhove, and J. Degroote. Towards simulation of force and velocity fluctuations due to turbulence in the relay nozzle jet of an air jet loom. Textile Research Journal, 91(9–10):990–1008, 2021. doi: 10.1177/0040517520968285.