Non-exhaustive list of active fields:

  • Experimental identification of magnetic properties of ferromagnetic materials: magnetic measurements of magnetization curves, hysteresis loops, electromagnetic losses, ...,
  • Numerical electromagnetic and thermal field computations: the numerical computations are combined with routines for optimizing low frequency electromagnetic devices.
  • Design of active and passive magnetic shields for low frequency applications such as power cables, induction heating,...
  • Optimization and design of electrical machines with high efficiency, based on numerical models and optimization routines, and experimental testing
  • Control, design, optimization and condition monitoring of dynamic drivetrains driven by electric and hydraulic actuators
  • Lemcko, as part of EELAB, is specialised in troubleshooting power quality and EMI problems in electrical grids and industrial automation networks. Lemcko also assists on the development of new electrical and electronic devices and can perform pre-/full-compliant testing according to the relevant European Standards. Lemcko gives education on-demand on these topics.

For more information about the kind of services offered by the department, contact prof. Luc Dupré