Small scale tribometers type pin-on-disk

Our CSM tribometer

Our CSM tribometer

Wazou, Pin-On-Disk and High Temperature (HTH) CSM Tribometer are some of our small scale tribometers.


  • Measure friction and wear behavior of materials under sliding conditions.
  • Operate with or without lubrication.
  • Large range of geometries, normal loads and sliding velocities to be applied.
  • Range of condition monitoring measurements, e.g. a high-speed camera, AE (acoustic emission), 3D accelerometry, strain gauges and infrared thermometry.
  • Test temperature up to 700°C


  • Detect wear mechanisms as e.g. matrix/fiber cracking and gives information about the current state of the composite material.
  • determination and study of friction and wear behaviour of almost every solid state material combination or hard coating with varying time, contact pressure, velocity, temperature, humidity and lubricants.


Allow a quick and cheap investigation of the coefficient of friction and the wear behaviour of different material combinations