High capacity multipurpose test rig up to 8000kN


Measured quantities include:


  • Tensile force (load cells)
  • Strains in separate sections of the specimen and global strain (LVDT’s)
  • Crack Mouth Opening Displacement CMOD (clip gauge)


If desired, the 2500 kN load frame can be used as a tribotester by placing a horizontal clamp consisting of 2 end plates, four load
bars and 6 pistons inside the load frame.


Property MTS 2500 8000 kN tensile test rig
Force Max. 2500 kN Max. 8000 kN
Normal force (tribotest setup) Max. 6000 kN -
Width 760 mm 300 mm
Length 2150 mm (without grips) 1200 mm
Temperature range -60 °C up to 200 °C -60 °C up to 200 °C