Research equipment

Test field PV systems

Test different technologies side by side in various setups

Proefveld PV systemen

Test field for decentralized production and storage

Realistic distribution grid with different grid configurations
Power injection from PV park
Freely adjustable grid quality up to 180kVAMicrogrid in lemcko lab

DC Net

DC bus energy storage

DC-bus energie opslag

Generator test bench (grid-emulator)

Wind turbine emulator up to 150kW
GenSet en CHP emulator at different synchronous speeds
Emulation of electric vehicles and impact on the grid

Motor generator test bench

EMC lab

Semi-anechoic cage in EMC lab

Semi-anechoïsche kooi in EMC labo

Power Quality lab

Freely adjustable grid quality up to 180kVA

Power Source 180kVA