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ERC consolidator grant: PASTIME

An ERC Consolidator Grant was awarded to An Ghysels for the PASTIME project.

Time matters: the interplay between fast and slow molecular processes determines the fate of living matter (protein folding, drug delivery, etc.) The aim of the PASTIME project is to properly understand the role of time in biomedical processes. Therefore, this project will lay the theoretical foundations of memory reduction and memory tuning in molecular simulations. These new time concepts will be applied in drug transport kinetics, such as drug (un)binding to protein binding sites and permeation of molecules through cell membranes, but the concepts will also be applicable to understand time in an endless range of other molecular processes.


Several vacancies are open in the newly funded PASTIME project: we are hiring new PhD students, a post-doc, and a code developer to join the BioMMedA group at Ghent University.

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Principal investigator: prof. An Ghysels