Jeroen Hoebeke

JeroenHoebeke.jpgIn 2002, Jeroen Hoebeke received the Masters degree in engineering (Computer Science) from the University of Ghent. Since August 2002, he has been affiliated with the Internet Based Communication Networks and Services research group (IBCN) that belongs to the Department of Information Technology of Ghent University and is part of the Internet Technologies Department of iMinds. He obtained a PhD in 2007 on adaptive ad hoc routing and Virtual Private Ad Hoc Networks. Since 2014, he is assistant professor at IBCN where he is conducting research on mobile and wireless networks, personal networks, self-organizing virtual networks, Future Internet and sensor networks. Currently he focusses on solutions for realizing the Internet of Things including wireless connectivity (802.11, 802.15.4, BLE, LoRa), sensor technology, standard-based solutions (IETF CoAP, IPv6, IPSO, OMA LWM2M, etc.), distributed intelligence, robust wireless communication, deployment and self-organization of smart objects, application enablers, wireless diagnosis, etc.



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