Johan Bauwelinck

JohanBauwelinck.jpgJohan Bauwelinck was born in Sint-Niklaas, Belgium, in 1977. He received the Ph.D. degree in applied sciences, electronics from Ghent University, Belgium in 2005. Since Oct. 2009, he is a professor in the INTEC department at the same university and since 2014 he is leading the INTEC Design group. He also became a guest professor at iMinds in the same year. His research focuses on high-speed, high-frequency (opto-) electronic circuits and systems, and their applications on chip and board level, including transmitter and receiver analog front-ends for wireless, wired and fiber-optic communication or instrumentation systems. He was and is active in the EU-funded projects GIANT, POWERNET, PIEMAN, EuroFOS, C3-PO, Mirage, Phoxtrot, Spirit, Flex5Gware, Teraboard, Streams and WIPE conducting research on advanced electronic integrated circuits for next generation transport, metro, access, datacenter and radio-over-fiber networks. He co-authored more than 150 publications and 10 patents in the field of high-speed electronics and fibre-optic communication.



Phone +32 9 264 33 40

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