Network Function Virtualization and Software-Defined Networking

Software- and virtualization technologies bring the communication network closer to the datacenter, enabling telecom applications with unseen flexibility. The research group was one of the first on the European level to research new control mechanisms improving network reliability in Software-Defined Networking.

Current research focuses on how high-performance can be achieved in telecom services using software-based components. Network service performance monitoring and prediction play a crucial role in this research. The optimization of the control process and orchestration of virtualized network services is another focus of the group. A crucial show case of this novel research focuses on 5G-driven services, backed by the virtualization of the mobile core network.

Another research topic deals with optimized management of service workflows, ensuring sufficient service quality levels. Such management functions include efficient deployment of workflows on shared hardware resources, advance reservation scheduling of service flows and constrained placement of Service Function Chains (SFC).

The research involves a mix of algorithmic design, software development and evaluation in either simulated or emulated environments working further with cutting-edge software-development and virtualization technologies.


Didier Colle, Mario Pickavet, Filip De Turck, Tim Wauters, Wouter Tavernier


Askhat Nuriddinov, Gourav Sharma, Thomas Soenen, Dimitri Staessens, Steven Van Rossem, Chong Wang


Key publications



Infrastructure used for experiments and demonstrations
Infrastructure used for experiments and demonstrations